CHI 2019 Late Breaking Work accepted!

In spring 2018, we conducted an exploratory study in which we asked groups of children (ages 8-13) and adults to interact with spherical displays in a real-world setting to help us understand how to design effective interactions for these novel technologies. Our paper on this study, titled “Towards Understanding Interactions with Multi-Touch Spherical Displays,” was accepted as a late-breaking work to ACM SIGCHI 2019, a top conference for human-computer interaction! The paper reports our preliminary findings related to similarities and differences between children’s and adults’ interaction patterns and mental models for interaction around a sphere in a public setting.

Here is the abstract:

“Interactive spherical displays offer unique educational and entertainment opportunities for both children and adults in public spaces. However, designing interfaces for spherical displays remains difficult because we do not yet fully understand how users naturally interact with and collaborate around spherical displays. This paper reports current progress on a project to understand how children (ages 8 to 13) and adults interact with spherical displays in a real-world setting. Our initial data gathering includes an exploratory study in which children and adults interacted with a prototype application on a spherical display in small groups in a public setting. We observed that child groups tended to interact more independently around the spherical display, whereas adult groups interacted with the sphere in a driver-navigator mode and did not tend to walk around the sphere. This work will lay the groundwork for future research into designing interactive applications for spherical displays tailored towards users of all age groups.”

Interested readers can find the camera-ready version (preprint) available here. The CHI 2019 conference will take place in Glasgow, UK from May 4 – May 9. I am really excited since this will be my first time attending CHI. I am looking forward to presenting our poster at the conference as it will help us gain valuable feedback regarding the future steps of the paper. I would also like to thank ACM Student Travel Grants for proving me partial funding to attend the conference.

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